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Style Pilot

Dressing well is a chore for many men who don’t like shopping. That’s why – the first personal style engine for men – is such a great idea. It’s an automated stylist that gives men personalised recommendations based on their physique and preferences, and searches through thousands of mens’ online fashion retailers to find them the best matches.

According to Mintel, 60 per cent of men don’t think they have a good sense of style, admitting to having no idea which colours, brands or types of clothing work best. Others are stuck in a ‘clothing rut’; wearing the same shirt or pair of trousers again and again, consistently buying from the same shop and filling their wardrobe with clothes that don’t work.

Find your Sense of Style is a personal style engine, built exclusively for men. It’s a tool designed to help any man find his sense of style and the right items to buy. A team of expert stylists and developers have computerised hundreds of rules that stylists use in personal style consultations, taking into account the rules that relate to colouring, body type, styles and occasions.

It’s quick and painless to set up your Style DNA (colouring, body type and height) and get personalised recommendations. You can then ‘tune your engine’ by picking out any items of clothing you dislike. All of your preferences are stored and added to your Style DNA so that the online stylists’ recommendations become ever more tailored to you.

Style Pilot has an outfit builder tool to help you find the perfect outfit for an occasion, and you can store the outfits and even share them to get a second opinion!


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This entry was posted on November 14, 2011 by in Gentlemen's Den, Ladies Fashion.
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