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The Shining!

Next year, those in the know design-wise are predicting a trend for updating existing old rooms by adding high gloss, shiny furniture pieces.

Camille Silver Leaf Bedside Table

Combining a contrasting mix of textures within the home can create a comfortable, contemporary, elegant and luxurious vibe. Shiny fabrics and sleek, glossy surfaces have seen a huge increase in demand this year and this trend is set to continue into 2012. Working with mirrored furniture can be an excellent way of bringing light and a spacious feel to a bedroom. Smoked glass furniture has reflective surfaces that fuse effortlessly with both monochrome colours and vibrant tones like gold, silver, and cerise.

Old wooden cabinets and chests of drawers can be updated with a coat of metallic paint to lift the tone of the room and create striking statement pieces. ‘Glitzy gold’ and ‘shimmering silver’ colours are fantastic at bringing a room to life with a renewed sense of style – without costing a fortune.

Stylish furniture pieces that have been delicately hand-finished with silver leaf or metallic tones are a design trend to watch out for in 2012. Intricate wood carving, unique ornaments and lighting are ideal for an inviting and comfortable interior that boasts the personal touch – the perfect expression of elegance and character in the home.

Play Contemporary Wardrobe  – Price: £2197


Rococo D'or Bed

Rococo D’argent Bedside – Price: £239

Rococo D’or Bed  – Price: £829

Camille Silver Leaf Bedside Table  – Price: £425

Camille Silver Leaf Chest Of Drawers  – Price: £1325



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