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Bling in Christmas

OK, so we’ve explored the green, frugal route to enjoying your Christmas, but we all want a bit of glitter and sparkle even when we’re trying to be earnest and save the planet.

If you quite honestly adore the glitz, glamour and let’s face it, downright tackiness of a glitter-ball Christmas, up the wow factor with decorations, presents and downright deliciousness that will make the austerity of January worthwhile…

Get some Bollywood Glamour

Painting decorations by hand is a delicate decorative art introduced to Kashmir in the 15th century by a prince who spent years imprisoned in central Asia, and in the 21st century it’s also a way of creating fabulous Christmas decorations to festoon your tree. We love these eye catching, sparkly glitter birds- hand-made using exclusive Bollywood Christmas designs.

The painted range is available in a series of vibrant colours, patterns and shapes including animals, baubles, bells, hearts, stars and snowflakes, and there are some really pretty present sacks in vibrant colours and tactile fabrics too. To top up your decorations, find unusual stocking fillers, door hangers or a whole new range of decorations go to  for inspiration.

Glitter Birds and Glitter Balls from £3.25



Something a Bit Different

If you’re sick of the same baubles and decorations getting dragged out of the same box in the loft every year, spice things up with a few carefully chosen pretty things to instantly add sparkle to even the tiredest Christmas tree.

Check out Breeze for some lovely additions to your festive décor –

Small Heart with Buttons and Bells:          Price: £4.50

Blossom Tree with 48 Lights:                       Price: £32.00

Small Mistletoe Heart                                    Price:  £16.00

Large Christmas Tree with Bells                 Price: £16.00


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