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Damage Limitation

Diet Damage Limitation

There’s no getting away from the fact that for most of us, the festive season inevitably turns into a prolonged food-fest, and whether we’re eating to be polite, to be sociable, out of habit and tradition, or because we are soaking up too much alcohol, we will do it rather too much!

You can be dull, count the calories of every morsel you eat and boast on January 2 that you actually lost weight over Christmas, or you can over-indulge on the grounds that Christmas comes but once a year so pass the mince pies! Dieting sucks, so to avoid scale-induced depression come 1st January, try and incorporate these festive food-enhancing tips into your diet…even if you still scoff out on the Quality Street sometimes.

Top Tips for a Diet-free Christmas

1. Accept the fact you will probably eat too much at some point in December, and don’t stress over it. Nobody likes a food bore, especially when the table is full of treats…If you seriously overdo it, just eat a bit less the next day.

2. Only eat the best bits. If you wouldn’t touch a prawn vol-au-vent for love or money at any other time of the year, why do you want to stuff three just because they are free at the works party? Eat your favourite bits, and ignore the Hula Hoops – you can buy those at the corner shop.

3. Even *I* can’t manage two full on Christmas meals in one day. Even if both the big Christmas parties are booked on the same day and you can’t get out of either, don’t eat three courses at both – you know you’ll only get indigestion and want to barf all night.

4. Christmas food doesn’t have to be fat-filled and nutrition free. Balance out the sticky toffee pudding and cocktails with some fresh avocado and smoked salmon, or scoff out on some turkey – which is classed as a ‘superfood’. You could also treat yourself to fresh mango. Dip the fresh fruit into the chocolate fountain, and eat some carrots with hummus. Your skin will thank you for it and so will your digestion.

5. Get active and pre-empt that festive bloat. It doesn’t have to be mad, but it will do you good to get out in the fresh air after a party or big meal, so borrow a dog or small child if you don’t have one to hand, and get outside.

6. Don’t drink too much. You’re all big girls and boys now, you know what happens when you do. Hangover…that’s all I need to say.

7. Drink lots of fruit juices and mineral water as well. We’re not going to tell you not to drink, or to match every alcoholic drink with water, but take it from me, the more water you can drink before it’s too late, the better.

8. When your stomach starts protesting, and you feel queasy, it’s time to stop eating. About three slices of cake and a sausage roll ago. We all over do it, but just sometimes, stop eating before you are full. It’s actually a nice feeling to not be over stuffed at Christmas…







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