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Essex and the Not-so-Single Girl

Essex and the Not-so-Single Girl

Well, it’s that time of year again…the time when I dust off my mini-Christmas tree, festoon it with girly pink and purple baubles (yes, really) and watch ‘Love Actually’ yet again. I always cry at the bit where the cute ginger kid gets a Christmas kiss from his little girlfriend *sob* and the part where Andrew Lincoln serenades Keira Knightley on the doorstep and then walks away, renouncing his unrequited love *double sob*

For the past three years I’ve been single at Christmas. OK, that’s not strictly true, I had just started dating someone a week or so before Christmas last year and I seem to remember insulting him mortally by telling him how much I detest those enormous soppy glittery ‘puppy dog in a Santa outfit’ cards with ‘To my Girlfriend’ on, as he’d been intending to buy me one. After less than a fortnight. He was an ex by the end of January, that one.

The Pressies

But this Christmas is different…I’m not only all loved-up but I have a whole new family with associated set of family traditions to learn about. And the big ‘what to buy the man for Christmas’ dilemma! Now, obviously I can’t go into detail here because Inspired will be hitting the stands well before the big day but as I write, there are presents secreted all around the house as a result of going online looking for one thing I knew he wanted and finding a load of other things I didn’t even know you could get but I just KNOW he’s going to like!

Single at Christmas?

There are definite plus points to being single at Christmas – the parties, the drinking, the Christmas dinner at my mum and dad’s place – but if I’m honest it was always Christmas and New Year that I did miss having a significant other. Kissing random strangers on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve is all well and good but spending the night with The Man this year is going to be really special. I’ve enjoyed singledom, girly nights out (and in) and not having to share the remote, but you know what, I’m really looking forward to Christmas, New Year and beyond with The Man.

Although I’m keeping him away from the sprouts.



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