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Frugally Festive

Frugally Festive

The Mills family from Bridgwater in Somerset are bargain-hunters extraordinaire. Nectar held a competition this summer to find the UK’s Savviest Family, with eight families chosen to blog for 11 weeks sharing all their money-saving tips.

The Mills family were the winners – stay at home mum, Hannah, 25 and civil engineer, Richard, 27, who live in Bridgwater, Somerset with their daughters Lillie May, seven and Keisha, two. The Mills make the most of every opportunity to save money, especially in the run-up to Christmas – even making their own cards and wrapping paper.

Here are their top Christmas tips:

  • Do your Christmas shopping on a Tuesday as stores start promotions on this day to boost midweek sales
  • Create vegetable window boxes to grow your own without the space – and enjoy them for Christmas dinner ·
  • Join a community freecycle group
  • Visit factory outlets like Clarks to get the best deals for kids essentials or presents
  • Upcycle old denim by sewing jeans into shorts and ¾ length trousers or even into dolls and purses for kids
  • Run a swap shop with your neighbours, swapping DVDs, toys and clothes to get something new for free
  • Don’t throw away old packaging – give it to the kids to get crafty, making cards and toys to play with
  • Make up your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper
  • Set aside a Christmas cupboard in the run up to December, then stock it up with Christmas essentials as and when you see them on discount
  • Make up your own cosmetic gifts packs to give as Christmas presents, buying the products individually to save loads of money
  • Try negotiating on price wherever you shop – you don’t know if you don’t ask
  • Use the Nectar tool bar – you get one point for every two searches and it alerts you when you’re on a site where you can earn points, such as eBay or Amazon
  • Swap bulk-buy shopping deals with your neighbours to enjoy variety and value
  • Don’t throw away stale bread – whizz in the food blender and freeze for future use in your Christmas stuffing, pies, or even chicken nuggets
  • Visit the market at the end of the day for bargain priced fruit – to eat or blend into juice

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