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Relax your way to weight loss

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Offer valid until 31 January 2012

We all want to lose weight but diets are so tough and willpower is never enough. So here’s an innovative product that helps you lose weight without dieting, without calorie counting and without pills, shakes, worry or willpower.

You just listen to a 10 minute recording called a Slimpod every day and the special wording, created by Harley Street specialists Thinking Slimmer, gently retunes your mind to want to eat less and do more.

Slimpod users have lost an average of 16lbs in 10 weeks.  Jo Hallam, from Nottingham, who used to drink five or six cans of Coke a day, says her fizzy drink addiction stopped completely after just two days on a Slimpod. She lost 26lbs and over a year later hasn’t put one pound back on again.

There are 18 different Slimpods available at  each tailor made to help achieve a specific goal, whether it’s dropping a dress size, dropping two sizes or more, dropping a jeans size, dropping two jeans size or more, fitting into your party dress, losing your baby fat, or controlling middle age spread.

Slimpods cost £29.99 with no membership fee and nothing more to pay. And to help you relax there’s also a unique Chillpod Stressbuster which costs just £17.99.


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