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Time to Detox

The three day break includes the divine Lifehouse Oriental Bathing Experience as well as reflexology, and another 25 minute detox treatment, plus much, much more.
Book your three day detox now and you can enjoy a fantastic 50% off the price.
•    Friday – Sunday, three night stay.
£486 per person
•    Monday – Thursday, three night  stay
£434per person
The offer is valid until 31st March 2012.
To book or for more information call 01255 860050 or visit

January can be the ideal time to deep clean the house, open all the windows and doors and create a wonderful feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. Recycling or letting go of clutter and things we don’t need is very satisfying and lets us make a bit of space. The same applies to our bodies, of course, which is why detox is such a big thing in the New Year.

Sue Davis, Resident Naturopath at Lifehouse Spa says, “After the excesses of Christmas you might be feeling more than a little bloated and overloaded, and resolving to do things differently in the New Year. Even with the strongest willpower and best intentions in the world, life invariably gets in the way, and it’s hard not to end up back in old familiar eating habits and routines.”

Since it takes a strong person to maintain their resolve, the wonderful Lifehouse Country Spa Resort has made it easier, by coming up with a professionally formulated programme designed to make it easier to kick start a healthier lifestyle and keep you motivated.

The three night residential detox package incorporates; a daily regime of cleansing juices, smoothies, soups, broths and salads. The menu has been specially selected to ease the pressure on the digestive system, promote the elimination of old toxins, pollution, chemicals and food additives and all those other little poisons that pollute our air, food and water.

The first day of the programme is transitional to allow the digestive system to become used to a lighter, cleaner diet packed with easier to digest foods.

The middle of the cleanse focuses on a regime of vegetable based juices, smoothies, soups and consommés, and the final day introduces normal food back into the diet. For those more serious about cleansing the Lifehouse Detox can be extended for up to 10 days.

Signs that you may need to detox.
•    Dark circles under your eyes
•    Coated tongue
•    Abdominal bloating
•    Food Intolerances
•    Bad breath
•    Strong body odour
•    Poor skin tone
•    Insomnia
•    Constipation
•    Foggy brain
•    Depression
•    Low libido
•    Dark coloured urine


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