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Essex and the Not so Single Girl

I love New Year. It’s time for starting afresh, wiping the slate clean, and also looking forward to plans for the year ahead. This time last year I was single, living on my own (not even a cat in residence) and hasn’t even heard of Inspired, and the previous year I was in the middle of a particularly horrible unrequited crush thing on a male friend, got way too drunk and texted him with my undying devotion at midnight. And pretended I’d sent it to everyone.  He didn’t believe me and teased me about it for weeks. I was very glad when I flew out to Australia in January, and not just because it was absolutely freezing back here.

I spent last New Year’s Eve with my family – I’d been planning to go out on the town with a girlfriend, get horribly drunk and hopefully end up snogging someone random at midnight. To be fair, that’s what had happened the last time we’d gone out on the town on New Year’s Eve…and I was really looking forward to it! She cancelled on me at the last minute though so I trundled round to my mum’s and got drunk there instead. No snogging was involved but it was still fun. I made a New Year’s resolution NOT to make any resolutions, which is what I usually do, and managed to get up in a reasonable enough state to make my way round to mum’s again for New Year’s Day lunch.

I have to admit that I do love the New Year vibe out on the town though. This year I’ll be seeing the new year in with the man, a quiet, romantic night in, I hope! I’m looking forward to a fun-filled, fab, inspiring 2012 and I wish the same for you… Happy New Year!


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This entry was posted on January 10, 2012 by in Chatty, Essex and the Not-so-Single Girl.
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