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In the Birdhouse


While you’re recovering from a month of over-indulgence, spare a thought for the wildlife in your garden that’s scrabbling around for food to eat when the inevitable frost and snow hit the garden.

Wildlife is vital to every garden and with a little encouragement we can tempt the visitors that offer gardeners a special helping hand and are a delight to behold: birds to polish off the odd snail, ladybirds to do their best with the aphids and the solitary bee – non-aggressive wonder pollinator.

Try fitting a bird nesting box somewhere to give the birds in your garden a safe place to roost and nest. There is nothing nicer than watching a pair of birds move in and start a family. Simply hang up, ideally at least a couple of metres off the ground and wait for the new inhabitants to arrive.

The adorable Bird Feeder House from By Nature is perfect to encourage lots of birds to visit your garden – hopefully they will scoop up a few tasty slugs on their travels! Fill the tray with bird seed or nuts and then just hang it up so the opening faces away from the prevailing wind – to keep the food dry.

Price: £14.95





Make a little birdhouse in your soul…I mean garden, with this Ornamental Birdhouse. Give your feathered friends somewhere warm and dry to rest their heads and make nests, while brightening up your garden. This is a cute hand carved distressed wood birdhouse that will suit just about any garden.

Ornamental Birdhouse

Ornamental Birdhouse

Price: £19.99

Company: Retreat-Home Ltd



Urban birds will love this Bird Cafe Bird Feeder designed by Teddy Luong  and Dennis Cheng, and so will you, as it looks stylish and encourages little feeders in to feast on whatever goodies yuou leave out for them. The moulded bird feeder has a removable lid for top loading, and the seed flows out bottom holes into tray for the birds to feed on.









Price: £31.50


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