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Skincare tips for the boys

Skincare tips for the boys

Skincare tips for the boys

Skincare tips for the boys

Skincare is a serious issue, and it’s no longer acceptable to ignore that fact if you want to get (or keep) a girl or boyfriend. Your face is what most people will notice first about you, so make a good impression by looking after your skin.

Do NOT steal your girlfriend’s
skin products
Look, we know she has far too much of everything and it clutters up the bathroom, but when it comes to skincare, you really do have to buy your own. There are aisles full of the stuff in Boots, Superdrug and pretty much every other chemist or department store, so be a big brave boy and treat yourself to something that’s actually designed for male skin.

It isn’t just a cynical marketing ploy; men’s skin can be up to 20 per cent thicker than women’s, as well as being more oily and ageing differently. If you want to look your best you need to use products which cater for this and women’s products just aren’t up to the job. Plus, she’ll be really annoyed if she finds out you’ve been pinching her best Clarins face cream anyway.

Shave slowly
Even if you’re in a hurry, you won’t gain any advantages by rushing your daily shaving routine. If you take the time to prepare and do it properly, you’ll notice the difference and it will be easier, too. Yes, really. This is because stubble takes a little while to soften enough for shaving, anything up to two minutes. Try shaving after you’ve had your morning shower and see the difference.

Stay out of the sun!
Or at the very least, cover up when you’re out in it. The sun is the worst enemy of your skin, and it’s not just the obvious things like skin cancer that you need to worry about, sun damage is also the culprit when it comes to 80 per cent of wrinkles. You don’t want to end up looking like an old handbag so cover up with a daily moisturiser which contains SPF15 or more, yes, even in winter.

Less can be more…
If your skin is looking a bit dull and tired, a good exfoliation can freshen it up and make you feel so much better. The trouble is, you can have too much of a good thing and overdoing the facial scrubs and exfoliators can be harsh on your skin. You’re not sanding down a skirting board, your skin is delicate!

Scrubbing your face too hard with anything can irritate it and sensitise it so that you’re more prone to dryness and even premature ageing, which is not good. Go gentle with the product, apply it with your fingertips and use gentle circular motions once a week to make sure your skin gets the full benefit.

Keep the aftershave subtle
We’ve all laughed at the bloke who smells as if he’s bathed in Old Spice or something equally revolting…but don’t let that man be you! Subtly fragranced is great, and does tend to attract the ladies, but overkill on the scent is off-putting and reeks of “didn’t have enough time for a shower this morning” – this is even true of the most expensive scents but especially so for the cheaper ones.

A rule of thumb is that generally, if you can smell your own aftershave strongly after five minutes, you’ve probably overdone it. Stick to a couple of sprays from a distance of at least six inches away and you should be deliciously scented rather than overpoweringly smelly…


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