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The Curvy revolution

The Curvy Revolution

Sue Thomason is a bit of a genius, with some forward-thinking ideas about weight and body image that are ruffling a few feathers in the diet industry.

Sue is Editorial Director of Beautiful Magazine, which hit the headlines in 2011 for featuring only women of size 12 and over, but it’s a publication for all women, not just the plus sized section. Previously, Sue worked as a journalist on leading women’s magazines, and she says;

“As a journalist, looking at the thin ideal and seeing anyone with an inch of cellulite having it circled in red and insulting words written about it, and reading about celebrities eating habits was a part of my daily work life.”


Sue became disillusioned with this drip drip of diet and body hatred, and started researching weight loss and health – poring over 700 self-help books, thousands of medical trial reports, psychological papers, scientific test results and more. She has been writing about the subject ever since, and has helped many women with her approach to overeating.

In addition to working hard on Beautiful Magazine, Sue is also passionate about turning the diet industry on its head, which she sees as perpetuating the body hatred-dieting-diet failure- body hatred circle that keeps people fat and indeed makes the problem much, much worse.

Sue runs the Overeating Therapy courses and retreats (for more info go to: and also blogs for Huffington Post.

The Overeating Therapy Programme

“If you think of the programme as more than Overeating Therapy but as a ‘life therapy’ as you’ll see soon that that is really what it is – completely life changing. As a non over eater you whole worlds opens up and you can see right out into it clearly for the first time. AND not only see it but experience it.” Louise Clarke

Sue says, “Plus size and proud women are at the forefront of a revolution, fighting against the pressure to be thin, using positive discrimination in the form of plus size promotion and positive body image.”

For more information:

Beautiful Magazine:


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