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Great British winter is here!

npower, the UK based energy supplier, has revealed that it received an 80 per cent increase in call outs to homes with broken boilers last year and as a result, is urging homeowners to make sure everything is up to date with their heating.

The Met Office predicted this February’s cold snap and it looks as though winter could finally be on its way after an un-seasonally warm winter so far. If last year’s February temperatures are anything to go by, npower has predicted that some Brits could soon be experiencing problems with their heating systems before winter is out.

Last year, npower, which services and repairs boilers, saw call outs to broken boilers increase by 80 per cent in December alone as a direct result of the fiercely cold weather. With the possibility of year’s temperatures plunging well into minus figures, they are urging homeowners to prepare themselves.

Get Serviced

Chris Thewlis, operations manager for npower, says: “Many homeowners don’t give a second thought to their boiler until the cold weather kicks in. Having your boiler serviced could detect any small problem that might lead to a major disruption to your heating during a particularly chilly period. Dealing with a potential problem before it escalates could save you time and money.”

The cold weather in Britain often has homeowners calling in to their energy supplier and asking for a gas boiler service or repair. Though people with newer boilers may have repair costs covered by their warranties, many homeowners with older boilers face steep repair bills when their boiler breaks down. As a result, npower has urged people to service their boilers before the cold weather hits to avoid potentially expensive repair costs.

Keep Warm – Get Insulated

Chris also urged homeowners to make sure they have the right amount of loft insulation, which can be a key tool in heating a home. Loft insulation can also be a significant energy saver, saving homeowners money on energy bills as well as helping to keep them warm.

Government figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change earlier this year suggested that more than half of homes in the UK aren’t insulated properly. For more information, check out the npower website for advice on DIY insulation for £1 a roll, and more.


One comment on “Great British winter is here!

  1. folding loft ladders
    February 9, 2012

    Tell me about it. But yet apart from that one day saturday, here in South Wales there has been no snow at all. Looks like the east of engalnd is getting the worst of it.

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