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Inspirational People – Lisa ‘Sassy’ Clark!

Author girl Lisa Clark, is blog writer, campaigner and book-creatrix extraordinaire, and I know I’m biased but I think she’s totally adorable. Lisa describes herself as;

“… a tattoo-splashed, chocolate eatin’, dream weavin’, pink lovin’, pleasure seekin’, life-lovin’ author, creatrix, life coach, Sassy diva o’ destiny…”

Here’s what Lisa has to say about life, love and Lisa world…

“You really are queen of the blogs…How do you get to be so full of ideas?”

“Why thank you – do I get a crown? I love an adornment! Basically, all my blogs celebrate a different aspect of who I am – Pink-world, soon to become Miss Sass, is my tween author site where I talk about all things tween and book-like, my site for grown-up girls is Sassyology.

SASSY stands for Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual & Sensational You and is packed to the brim with everything a girl needs to become mistress of her destiny – coaching, pretty things, tarot reading, spirituality and all the things that make life magickal. Where do I find the time?  You always find the time for the things you love, don’t you?”

Have you always been Miss Positivity or have you had to work at it?

“Without being too hippy-dippy, I’m a Scorpio with a Capricorn rising, which if any of you know your astrology will know is a pretty intense combo, so no, positivity doesn’t come easy, but it’s a state of mind that makes me happy, successful and able to rock at what I do, so it’s definitely one I’m willing to work at!”

What’s Sassyology exactly?

“SASSY is your magickal chutzpah, your go-for-it girl juice, your cosmic ju-ju, your very own super-girl super-power. When all five elements combine it unleashes the innate awesomeness of the most kick-ass members o’ girlkind who came before us.”

“Sassyology gives girls and women an arsenal of go-for-it girl tools and techniques – everything they need to become mistress of their destiny.”

What would you say to someone who believed that being optimistic was a waste of time?

“Well I can only talk from personal experience, but when you think positive, you get positive goodness back x 100, really, you do. If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always got – which is fine. But who wants to live a life that’s ‘fine?’ Not me.

What’s your SASSY message to the world?

Accessorise. Sprinkle your life with as much glitter-sparkle magick as possible. Live your life totally  unlimited. Be awesome. Always.

Do you have any plans that you can tell us all about?

“I am positively full-to-the-brim with new ideas and they’re all at various stages of production – so there’s a LOT that I can’t tell you – boo – but what I can tell you is that the first book in the Sassyology series is out early 2012, I’m just finishing my first grown-up girl fiction book, I’m coaching lots o’ clients to write and publish their books and can’t wait till those books are unleashed on the world.

I’m VERY excited about the launch of Miss Sass, queen o’ tween/teen self-esteem. Miss Sass will be heading up the global Body Revolution campaign – it’s going to freakin’ awesome.”

You can get a daily dose of Lisa’s upbeat style at: Sassyology


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