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My Friend Paul – by Alice Langley

I have this friend Paul, and I think he is kind of amazing.  Now before tongues start wagging and rumours begin, let me explain why.

I met Paul just over four years ago at a football match, he was a friend of a friend and we had all decided to get together before the game in the pub for a drink, I thought he was a nice bloke, mainly because he bought me a beer!  We became inseparable as group, I’ve even ended up marrying one of them, and 4 years on I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

I found out after a while that Paul worked for McMillan Cancer Support while he was completing his Masters, and as I got to know him a little more I learnt that cancer support was a cause close to his heart and this was more than a job for him.  As it turned out it was the start of his fundraising journey, and what a journey it is turning out to be.

Two years ago Paul took up running, I found this hilarious. To me Paul was my mate who I loved to have a post-match beer with, now he was forgoing his drinking sessions in lieu of resting up for his run the next morning. He left McMillan, but through his hobby he found a way to keep supporting them.

In the past two years Paul has taken part in untold amount of running events, the big ones being Run to the Beat, The Great North Run and in a few months The London Marathon .

In order to raise money as much money as possible, Paul got creative. He knew asking for a fiver here and there could only do so much, so he started arranging events and competitions. He’s hosted two ‘McMillan Darts Classics’, London based darts contests that have raised hundreds of pounds, and this year will see the biggest Darts Classic yet!  He has also arranged a quiz night to be held at Leyton Orient Football Club in April, which will include a huge raffle. If you would like to support Paul in anyway then you would make him, me and the many, many people that the money he raises goes to help, very VERY grateful.

You could donate at just £1 and a message of encouragement would make his day.

Raffle – If you are a company that would like to offer a small (or large) prize for the raffle please do contact me at or @AnEssexWife


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