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Justin Lord’s Lifestyle Advice

Fitness and health guru and television personality Justin Lord has appeared regularly on ITV’s This Morning and The Wright Stuff. We asked him what the average time-strapped man should do to get fit and healthy.

What’s the most effective way to keep fit if you have a busy lifestyle?

“Having a busy lifestyle can actually be more beneficial than having lots of time to go to the gym and spending the time chatting between exercises! Try investing four minutes of your time into the ‘Tabata protocol’. You’ll achieve all the fat burning effects of a two-hour gym session in four minutes without breaking down valuable muscle.

“Tabata protocol can be used at home and in the gym. The workout is simple and consists of eight 20-second full-speed sprints of your chosen exercise interspersed with rest periods of 10 seconds.

“By doing this routine five days a week for six weeks you can improve your aerobic capacity (great if you’re planning a half or full marathon) by 14 per cent, without running a single mile.”

Diet Tips

“Too much processed carbohydrate is the reason we are getting bigger – contrary to popular belief, fat is not to blame.

“By simply eliminating grains like cereal, bread, white rice and pasta and thinking outside the box (create a wrap using a large lettuce leaf or savoy leaf, make a large lunchbox with organic meat and your favourite vegetables), you can achieve unbelievable results without even setting foot inside a gym. Start the day with a protein breakfast like organic free range eggs in any form and graze from a lunch box throughout the day. The result is a lean physique with increased energy and positive outlook.”

Eat regularly

“Keeping your blood sugar level stable is crucial and prevents you reaching for high sugar and starchy snacks. The key is to plan and prepare. Prepare a lunch box for the day and graze on it throughout. Cook double the food at your evening meal and put half into a lunchbox and NEVER EVER leave the house without breakfast.”

Justin Lord –

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