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Marathon Effort – and Slimpod Offer

We love a bit of inspiration here at Inspired, and when I heard about Darin McCloud, I was seriously impressed. Not only is Darin running the London Marathon in April, he’s no ordinary athlete. A year ago, he was a seriously overweight 21 stone, diabetic and poorly. He was so desperate that he actually vowed to deliberately GAIN the weight he needed to qualify for an NHS gastric bypass.

In an amazing success story, Darin managed to lose a staggering six stone, and is training for the Virgin London Marathon after being offered a charity place in the event. He’s already run the Great South Run – successfully completing the 10-mile run in a time of 2 hours and 9 minutes. He’s run the Brighton Half Marathon and is training for the the British 10k too. What’s more, he hopes he will soon be off his diabetes medication.

Darin has certainly gone from fat to fit. You’d think it would be hard enough to commit to that amount of training when you’re simply overweight and unfit, but Darin has also had to contend with working around shift patterns too. He credits his unfailing determination to learning how to retune his brain – no silly diets in sight.

Darin’s Training Tips

“Training started by having a goal – the Great South Run was mine.  My first bit of advice is to start by running one minute and walking one minute. When I started training I could not even run/jog for a minute. I started off power-walking , then increased to a jog/walk.  I always recorded my times so that I can chart my progress – and it’s good to look back on when you think “I can’t do this anymore”

The Weight Loss

Darin’s life has changed so drastically in the past year. His blood sugar level has gone down so much his insulin dose has been reduced to almost zero, his body mass index (BMI) has dropped a category, and his depression has lifted. Some might suspect he managed to wheedle that gastric bypass out of the NHS after all, or maybe went on a drastic liquid-only diet.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. He simply listened to a cognitive hypnotherapy recording for just ten minutes a day and the daily dose of ‘unconscious persuasion’ talked his subconscious into stopping its obsession with food and its resistance to exercise. The changes were instant, too. “After my first night listening to the Slimpod I left half my dinner, and by the end of the first week I’d stopped drinking Coke.”

Since effortlessly ditching pastries and pies for fruit and fitness, he’s discovered a real passion for fitness and a zest for life.

“Before Slimpods I couldn’t even walk up the stairs without being out of breath and sweaty,” he says. “Now if I’m stressed or angry I go for a run instead of eating.”

Sponsor Darin

Being sponsored by a charity means that Darin is under pressure to raise serious money. “I have to raise a minimum of £1500 which is a lot of money”, Darin explained. “I’ve already set up a just giving page and a text page, and I’m well on my way to raising money for this deserving cause.”

Darin’s chosen charity is called LOOK UK – a charity that supports the parents and carers of children who are visually impaired.

Text LOOK47 followed by your chosen amount to 70070.


Want to try a Slimpod yourself?  Thinking Slimmer is offering Inspired readers a fantastic 20% off all orders. Just go to between now and 20 April 2012, choose one or more pods and enter the code “INSPIRED20” at the checkout.





One comment on “Marathon Effort – and Slimpod Offer

  1. Peta
    March 14, 2012

    No mother could be prouder of their son than I am of Darin. My thanks go to Darin and all those who helped and inspired him and to his fiance ‘H’ for her help and understanding, it has made me very happy to see Darin healthy and active. Keep going your looking great.

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