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My Week with Marilyn

Anyone doubting Michelle Williams’ acting abilities will find My Week with Marilyn a pleasant surprise. Even hardened Marilyn Monroe fans like me loved the film and Michelle Williams’ fans will enjoy it even more.

My Week with Marilyn focuses on the time just after her marriage to Arthur Miller. Always unsure of her own acting ability, Marilyn agreed to co-star with Laurence Olivier in The Prince and the Showgirl, a film she firmly believed would finally cement her reputation as a serious actress.

My Week with Marilyn is based on the memoirs of Colin Clark, a crew member on The Prince and the Showgirl, who became Marilyn’s trusted confidante and was witness to a train wreck of egos-mostly Olivier’s and Monroe’s.

Kenneth Branagh gives an uncharacteristically restrained performance as the exasperated Olivier, who is resentful of the ‘new blood’ in Hollywood that the young Marilyn represents, and ridiculing the Method acting she was trying to master. He also falls foul of her chronic lateness, which threatens to undermine the strict work schedule.)

Michelle Williams really captures Marilyn’s vulnerability and terrible insecurity, and gives an insight into on the woman who became a legend…

DVD released on 12th March


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