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Beautiful Bathrooms

The bathroom isn’t just a functional part of the home any more, it’s a retreat. We want to be able to shut the bathroom door on a hard day and turn it into our own private spa…so grotty looking bathroom suites just aren’t cutting it in 2012. Whether you’re an indulgent bath person or prefer the exhilaration of a shower, there are fabulously stylish and practical design-led bathroom products to suit all tastes, budgets and spaces.

We spoke to Cheryl Gurner, Creative Director at Bathrooms International (the UK’s leading independent luxury bathroom showroom and retailer) who gave us the lowdown on what’s going to be kitting out the on-trend bathroom in 2012…

Brighten up the Bathroom!

“For 2012, I am loving the use of colour against natural and organic backgrounds – orange is going to be a big colour for the year ahead.” Cheryl advises. “A great way to introduce colour to the bathroom is to use a band of colour on a curtain, towel or tile. This allows current colours to be introduced, yet easily and inexpensively changed as the trend changes.”

“Bath tubs remain white, but the introduction of bronzes and gold back into brassware is very big. Likewise the ceramic world is offering fantastic inspiration for the year ahead; wonderful faux slates in browns, greys and copper mixes are rich in visual texture and very pleasing to both male and female tastes.”

No more white

Cheryl thinks that the stark, minimalistic bathroom of recent years may have had its day. “We will definitely see a move away from bathrooms of pure white emptiness. The use of natural, organic materials such as wood and stone is very warming, and can be used to give a clean look without starkness. Fabrics such as jupe, flax and linen can be incorporated for a natural feeling – linen towels are very stylish, particularly in cloakrooms, so I feel this will be a trend moving forward.

“For tiles, we will see lots of metallic and glass tiles in palettes of neutrals, bronze, copper, black, grey and cream.”

Classic style

So much for the colour – what about the look of the bathroom? Cheryl thinks we’re returning to classic themes. “In terms of the overall bathroom style, we will see a return to a more classic look, as it is instinctive for people to invest in designs with a sense of longevity when the economy is facing tougher times. A rustic feeling bathroom with a classical twist is a highly effective look and is an ideal style for creating a bathroom on a budget.”


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