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No more lost pets…

According to the RSPCA, over 250,000 cats and dogs go missing each year. A Rochdale-based company is hoping to help reduce this statistic with the help of new coded pet tags.

Homeward Bound ID Tags, with ‘QR’ code technology, are linked to online pet profile pages that contain useful information about the pet and contact information for their owners. The coded tags can be read using any smart phone or internet-enabled device making the reunion of lost pets and worried owners a faster and less stressful process.

The idea came about following a holiday to the New Forest, where Peter Winkler’s family pet Labrador, Tia, went missing. Tia was found safe and well, but during the search that it dawned on the family that all the records shown on her micro-chip and engraved tags were for an empty house back in Rochdale. Had she been found by someone else, how would they have known where to return her to?

The product is not intended as an alternative to micro-chipping but rather as an advanced tag which eliminates the need for a lost pet to be taken to the vets for its chip to be scanned.

The tags are available online at


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