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Chocolate covered frog’s legs…

Frogs flourish in Cambridge

Chocolat Chocolat – the chocolate boutique Ed-Girl Sarah was lucky enough to visit in October last year, had some April Fool’s fun with customers on Sunday 1 April.

Isabelle Chappell, chief chocolatier, dipped ‘frog’s legs’ into handmade luxury chocolate and tempted passers-by into the shop on the promise that these were, in truth, highly sought after delicacies in her home country, France.  The brave and adventurous tried the newly made chocolates, only to find they had been duped!  The ‘frog’s legs’ were in face made from orange peel.

Marie Davies, one daring shopper said: “I was well and truly caught out!  Well done Chocolat Chocolat!”

Isabelle added: “We have had fun making our ‘frog’s legs’ today and have caught out quite a few innocent shoppers!  It is what the day is all about and we all have enjoyed this little bit of entertainment!”



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