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Essex and the Not-so-Single Girl

Essex and the Not-so-Single Girl

I think it’s fair to say that I don’t like airports. Every time I fly anywhere, I tell myself I’ll have everything ready, sail through security without a blip and even have all my liquids in a clear plastic bag like you’re supposed to. I’ll wander happily around duty free and pick up a bargain perfume, and all will be stress-free…yeah right.

What really happened? Well, firstly my earrings and watch set the alarms off and I was frisked a little too enthusiastically by the Stansted security lady. When it was established that it was just my jewellery that was setting off the alarms, it still didn’t stop there. I had to take my shoes off and put them in a separate tray, which I couldn’t find afterwards. I had a telling off for not putting my liquids in the right type of clear plastic bag, which then resulted in me having all my hand luggage swabbed for contraband flower remedies.

Finally I got through and when I’d located my shoes and hopped across to The Man, he was giggling like a schoolboy at my predicament. Clearly I need to work on my guilty face. “If you’re a terrorist, you’re chucked!” he laughed. I reminded him to keep his smart comments to himself as joking about being a terrorist tends to get people ejected from airports and I was really looking forward to this holiday!

The holiday, once we’d negotiated Stansted and a four-hour flight, was lovely – just what we both needed and I think we can both say that we survived our first holiday as a couple intact. I’ve realised that map-reading isn’t his forte, after being taken on a couple of really quite impressive wild goose chases around Tenerife looking for landmarks…and he’s realised that the reason I never go brown is that I insist on covering every inch of my body in Factor 50 and then complaining that it makes my skin itch. We’ve also discovered a shared dislike of airports and he knows JUST how much they stress me out. All in all, a great time was had. Now back to work…


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