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The Last book I Read…

The Last book I Read…

Having just been away on holiday, I’ve had the perfect opportunity to catch up on the books I’ve downloaded to my Kindle, and also made the most of its ‘experimental’ Internet browser after I managed to drop my beloved Blackberry on a tiled apartment floor and render it sulkily unusable.

The first book I read was by far the best – ‘The Single Girl’s To-do List’ by the wonderful Lindsey Kelk. It starts with Rachel, our heroine, getting unceremoniously dumped by her long-term boyfriend while they are ‘on a break’ – and saved from wallowing in self-pity by her erstwhile best friends, Emelie and Matthew, who come up with a to-do list of things she needs to do now she’s properly single for the first time, well, ever!

Of course the list takes her on a journey of reinvention (it inspired me to invest in a whole new wardrobe…) and some daft adventures, but although some of the plot twists are a bit far-fetched, it all seems to work and it’s such an uplifting, funny read that you just can’t help but warm to all the characters and end up believing in the story.

Perfect holiday reading…


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