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Theodore’s Home Coming

Sculptor Theodore Gillick returned last month with inspiration from the landscapes he grew up in as a country boy on the Essex Suffolk border.

His was not by any means a conventional upbringing – he was taught at home for half the day and then taken on long walks across the fields with his brothers and sisters every afternoon.

“More than anything I associate my early years with carefree adventure around our home” he says. “Being caught in the summer storms; pheasants; hares chasing away in the distance; watching fish in the river Brett; angling with bailer twine and making castles in the straw”.

Each of Theo’s beautifully crafted bronzes is full of life. Eyes twinkle, and you can almost forget that they are metal, they’re so realistic that they really do look like they might breathe. “It is not a trick, making a good animal sculptures” he says “You have to know the anatomy very well of course, but they only come alive in the clay model when I can make the surfaces ‘sing’. That means they begin to describe my memories and the sensation of seeing the animal. And the roots of those experiences are all here in the East Anglian countryside”.

You can see a selection of Theodore’s work at To request a catalogue you can do so via the website or telephone 01780 444008.



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