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Essex and the Not so Single Girl

I celebrated two anniversaries at the end of April. The first ever edition of Inspired was launched at the end of April 2011 – and a year with The Man, who I also met at the end of April. Such a lot has happened in the past year. We’ve been away together, had our first proper holiday and of course I’ve moved in with him. I’ve also gained a 15-year old ‘step’ son who loves nothing more than to come and stay over, eat all the fruit in the fruit bowl and then engage in spirited farting competitions with his dad while watching South Park. Boys, you’ve gotta love ‘em eh?

It was also Wills and Kate’s first anniversary at the end of April of course. The Man and I were actually talking weddings on our first ever date, but only because we were trying to plan our second date around his shifts and realised that his next free day was the day of the Royal Wedding. So, I was a real girly and fluttered my eyelashes at him and asked if we could watch the wedding together. When I say watch, I mean I gawped at the dress and got a bit teary-eyed, and he kept looking at his watch and asking how long it was going on for.

Fast forward a year and TV still plays quite a part in our relationship. We both love shouty telly – sit us in front of The Apprentice and we’re away. His taste in trashy TV is much worse than mine, though. Two words…Jeremy Kyle. Oh, my eyes! My ears! We’ve both had to compromise – I’ve moved away from a lot of my old social life, and I can’t just pop over to my mum’s for a gossip after work anymore. He doesn’t eat pizza for tea anywhere near as often as he used to and has had to get used to at least attempting to be a bit tidy.

All in all, it’s been quite a year…here’s to the next one for Inspired AND us!




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