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Four Paws and a wet nose


Four paws dog grooming salon in Lindsell, near Dunmow, has been established since Oct 2009 and has built up a fantastic reputation. The salon offers bathing, blow drying, brush outs, de-shedding, clipping, trimming, Handstripping, ear cleaning/plucking, anal gland expression, claw clipping and even nail painting with specialised canine nail paints.

Salon owner and manager, Emma Gooding has 17 years dog grooming experience and loves her job. She says, “Dog grooming is such a rewarding job which makes it so much more enjoyable. I just love ensuring that customers are having their requirements met and to see both the dog and owner happy with the end result. I have had customers ask me to cut a Mohican on the dogs head and paint nails”.

Discount for Model Pooches

Four Paws has recently been joined by voluntary trainee Wendy Hunt, who needs more model dogs to train on – if you’re interested, the salon gives a 25% discount on all grooming services she carries out.

Four paws also works with the Danaher Animal Home in Wethersfield, Essex, keeping their Facebook page updated regularly with details of animals that need a home. Just click on the Facebook icon at

“We recently helped to rehome a beautiful mastiff called Tyra from Tendering Council. Tyra was found walking around Jaywick and seemed as though she had been used as a breeding machine. Luckily for Tyra she was rehomed after we sent out an urgent appeal to friends and customers as Tyra was due to be put to sleep by 5:10pm that evening if she was not rehomed.

“We met up with Tyra and her new family and are pleased to inform everyone that she is settled and like a different dog, so loving and content. We are asking that people do consider rescue dogs from your local rescue centre first; there are so many animal that need new loving homes and have been placed in rescue centres through no fault of their own.”


Four Paws are offering Inspired readers some great deals:

  • Receive a £5.00 discount of your first visit to the salon.
  • FREE eye and fringe trims. (Appointment not necessary)
  • Claw Clipping JUST £5! (Appointment not necessary)
  • New Pawlished Paws – Introductory offer £7.00!
  • FREE Puppy Baths (Small to medium breeds only – up to the age of 6 months)

SHOW & TELL – Take your dog along with any products or grooming tools that you use at home and show the team exactly how you groom your dog at home. They will watch you and then give you advice about how to best groom your breed of dog. Show and Tell lasts for about an hour.


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