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Gotta love the retro….

Also from Revival Retro, for that film star glamour we all secretly aspire to…

Just imagine the sound of all those jaws dropping as you walk into the room in this Red Lockheart Dress. A sexy red hot number from Stop Staring.  It clings seductively to all your curves, courtesy of the super stretchy fabric. This dress will show off your figure and the detail at the front will enhance your cleavage.

Price: £195

The Harlow Dress is an absolutely fabulous 1940s style dress because with real star quality. A beautiful, black and tan 1940s dress with a luxurious feature bow has a super sophisticated black pencil skirt which contrasts perfectly with the light coloured top and the faux belt, and the gorgeous sweetheart neckline adds even more elegance to the outfit.

Price: £175


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