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The UK’s No. 1 Home Fitness Solution

The UK’s No. 1 Home Fitness Solution

It’s extremely hard for me to talk about food without going into massive detail. But you’d get bored and I wouldn’t be asked to write again…….so in both our interests, I will try and keep this short and sweet.

I’d like to clear up some misconceptions about fad diets. We have all heard about Atkins, Cambridge, Cabbage Soup, South Beach, and the ‘holding your breath under water while giving a harp seal a cuddle’ diet (OK that last one I made up but it may as well be true!).

My time in this industry has seen many a ‘miracle diet’ come and go. If we understood how the body worked we’d know that cutting out carbohydrates, for example, is disastrous, yet people do it every single day. The human brain’s only source of energy is carbohydrate. If you take that away it’s like letting your car run out of oil – ask a mechanic what happens to a car when you do that!

Everyone is looking for the quickest way to lose weight, the amazing diet which is going to make us look like Jessica Alba or Ryan Reynolds but the solution is staring us in the face. If someone’s been eating unhealthily for a number of years and steadily gained two stones in body fat, why do they believe that they can lose a stone in two weeks and keep it off? It’s insane!

Instead of searching for a short term solution, or even a long term solution, I have THE solution,

Eating correctly and regular exercise is the only safe way to shed those pounds and with the correct knowledge about how your body works, losing weight and getting in shape is more fun.

To start with I have a few simple food rules. If you have any questions, please get in touch! Remember to ask your GP’s advice before starting any diet or fitness programme.

1.    For women, no more than 10grms of saturated fat per day and for men, no more than 15. You can calculate this by looking at the nutrition grid on the packet.

2.    Calories are just a measurement of energy and by keeping your saturated fat lower you will naturally see your calorie count decrease but aim for 1500 for women, 2000 for men.

3.    Swap all your whites for browns – white bread to brown bread etc.

4.    Eating smaller portions every 3-4 hours keeps your body out of its ‘emergency zones’ when the body holds body fat back as a form of protection.

5.    20-30 minutes of exercise a day….even if it’s a brisk walk!

Just stick to this for now – the next steps include levelling your blood sugar and supplementing your diet with good fats.

Look forward to catching up soon.

Stuart Holroyd
Stuart Holroyd is the owner of the Home Fitness Group, which is a network of Personal Trainers, Therapists and Martial Arts Instructors who are dedicated to keeping home training affordable for everyone. Stuart has been working in the fitness industry for over 17 years now and as well as being a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist he has trained extensively in Boxing and Martial Arts. As well as boxing for almost 25 years he also hold black belts in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Jun Fan MMA.


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