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Lower your stress levels by raising your heart rate

Why do people start exercising? Generally, the main objective is to control their weight and improve their physical fitness / condition, but there are also other health benefits including stress management:-

“Exercise can be a powerful method of relaxation, and it can help people deal effectively with the stress of daily life. In various studies, researchers have found that exercise can decrease anxiety and depression, improve an individual’s self-image, and buffer people from the effects of stress…” (Michael H.Sacks, M.D.: Exercise For Stress Control.)

Exercise decreases our “stress hormones” such as cortisol and causes an increase of endorphins which lifts the mood generally. Physical activity is also great for distracting the mind from day to day problems, an ideal example being a bike ride in picturesque scenery. It can also allow the participant to release any frustration that may have built up. High energy exercise such as boxing or weight training is ideal for this!

The social aspect of training, whether it be with friends, in a class or with a personal trainer is also important for stress relief. As well as being more fun to exercise with others, participants are likely to feel more motivated and inspired.

Finally, when overall health is improved by exercising, then there will be a reduced risk of illness and disease in the future, therefore eliminating undue increases in stress levels caused by sickness.

So, introduce some physical activity into your lifestyle for the health of your mind as well as your body!

Carly  (Personal Trainer – Inspired by Carly)

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