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Picking the perfect Bathroom Floor

Bathroom flooring needs to be practical – non slip, hygienic and easy to clean. We also want it to look good too. So what are the options when you’re looking at flooring for a bathroom?

Stone flooring –limestone, slate, marble and granite floors can be perfect for a bathroom – they are waterproof, long lasting and easy to clean as long as they are properly bonded. Stone can feel a bit cold underfoot and sometimes it tends to get a bit slippery so you need to think about under floor heating and grip. Stone flooring can be expensive but you can cut costs by using reclaimed stone.

Wooden flooring – probably seems a bit of a strange choice for a bathroom but if you go for engineered wood it can work well and give you a warm, stylish and durable finish. Experts usually advise against using solid wood in bathrooms though, because it will warp.

Porcelain flooring – looks great and is cheaper than stone flooring. It’s also easier to maintain as it doesn’t need sealing. Porcelain is a popular bathroom material because it’s so easy to clean and hard wearing.

Linoleum flooring – the most popular brand of lino is Marmoleum, which comes in over 100 colours and designs and is perfect for the bathroom. Lino is easy to clean and install. It can also have some health benefits as it is anti-bacterial and doesn’t hold onto dust or allergens.

For more advice on the perfect flooring for your home, ask the experts at Chelmsford based Country Flooring.

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