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Your Local Business Website Is Live!

You have driven boldly onto the information super highway and your local business website is proudly proclaiming your presence to  your city, county, country and the world at large. So, what is missing?

Can your readers contact you?
It seems a daft question, but oddly it is one that is overlooked quite often.  I have seen so many local websites that have a contact page with an email form and that is it.

Have your business address and phone number available from EVERY page on your website.  Don’t forget people may not land on your “home page” first.  In the eyes of the search engines, every page is a home page.  It should be where people would expect to find it – in your footer or a link to your contact page.

Have a contact page and include all forms of contact – your address, phone, fax, email, carrier pigeon – any form of contact you use, make sure it’s on the page. Make it easy for people to contact you.

On the same lines of making it easy, publicise any social media sites you are present on too

Make sure that your contact details are accessible to search spiders – in text not images. Check that the information is consistent on all of your web pages and any online directories and local business listings you’ve submitted.

Include a map and directions to your business. This can be linking to your Google Places page.

Using an email form on your website is fine, it helps to stop those spam bots harvesting your address and spamming your email with the latest must have service.  If you want to display your actual business email address (and it’s a good idea to display it), use an image rather than a link.

As a side note, if you are a UK limited company you should have your registered business address and registration number displayed somewhere on your website too.

People searching online for information are impatient, they want information now and will click away to another site that provides what they want.  Help your website to do its job and put all your contact details where searchers expect to find them.


One comment on “Your Local Business Website Is Live!

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