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I am a woman on a mission!

I’m a plus sized girl, blessed with curves just about everywhere. I have a cleavage that acts as a very good resting place for stray crumbs and the kind of bootylicious behind that could possibly qualify for its own postcode. I’m at peace with my vital statistics, but what I’d like, what I’d really really like, is to be able to find gorgeous, well-designed underwear sets that cater for girls who are big up top and chunky down below too.

Buying pretty smalls cheers me up. A gorgeous bra and a matching pair of knickers under my everyday clothes make me feel like I have a pretty little secret. It just sort of tops off my outfit. I’m thwarted at every turn though, and doomed to wander the lingerie shops in mis-matched underwear for all eternity, attempting to match the bra of my dreams to a pair of knickers that won’t cut off the circulation to my lower limbs.

Nothing for you here, Madam

Bravissimo – gorgeous and expensive bras with lovely matching knickers – but alas, if you’re over a size 18 there’s nothing for you here, dear. Stroll around Debenhams and Marks and Spencer and they all cater for DD-G cups with some really quite sexy ranges, but trust me, actually finding matching pants is like searching for the proverbial hen’s tooth. To be fair, a quick check on the M&S website shows there are actually some matching sets that go up to a 22 and even a 24 but if you can find them in-store, you’re a better woman than I am. I looked at four different bra and knickers sets online and three of them had sold out in the larger sized knickers. So anyone who tells you there’s no demand for larger sizes is clearly an imbecile.

The Debenhams Gorgeous range is a DD+ range, and their cute matching knickers and thongs are available up to a size 20 in theory, but again, most of them are sold out above a 16. online. I can’t remember the last time I found a matching lingerie set that would fit me in a Debenhams store. More annoyingly, some of the bigger lingerie ranges are sized up to XL. What the hell is XL? I just spent ages checking the website and making sure I wasn’t just making all this up, and got more and more frustrated as nearly every set I liked the look of was either not available with big pants or if it was, sold out in the larger sizes. Next doesn’t usually carry anything in store much over a 16/18 and the Directory will be sold out in bigger sizes before I get anywhere near it.

Sized up and let down

Even the sites that cater for big girls aren’t any better. Simply Yours/Simply Be are brilliant websites and there’s some gorgeous lingerie there. All the best stuff is gone within days though. Whenever I feel like a good old knicker spend up, I end up disappointed because if they have the bra in my size, the chances are the matching knicks are long gone. Evans don’t seem to cater for smaller back sizes, although they’ve started doing a 38 now, but when I looked today there wasn’t even ONE lingerie set in my bra size.


Is it just me? Am I really destined to walk around in mis-matched smalls for the rest of my days? I think we need Mary Portas on the case!

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