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In these cash-strapped times, we can’t always afford to keep updating our wardrobe with brand new clothes. That’s where the brilliant Elizabeth Mulholland comes to the rescue. Elizabeth Mulholland is a Suffolk-based designer of evening wear, corsets and jewellery, and they have some fabulous ideas about how to make an existing outfit more stylish, adding inexpensive trims and finishing touches that will make you stand out from the crowd…

Every month we’ll be bringing you a new design idea, an easy and inexpensive way to update an outfit or show you how to make a simple accessory.

This month we’re showcasing Vintage Style Cuffs – amazingly versatile accessories which can be worn individually or as a pair, under a long or short sleeved jumper or a top. They are absolutely perfect for transforming your outfit from office chic to evening glamour.

Here are some design ideas:

You can make cuffs from printed, plain or pinstriped fabrics, trim them with cotton laces, ribbons, buttons and even charms. You can also cut up vintage lace table linen to make gorgeous one off cuffs.

Take a look in your wardrobe for any old bits of clothing you don’t wear anymore that have an interesting trim or detailing and cut the clothes up for the base of your design.

The designs shown are designed by Elizabeth Mulholland and they are all available online at

The ready-made cuffs are also available for £18.95, or you can get creative and buy them in kit form. Each kit includes a pattern and instructions along with a generous supply of assorted fabrics, lace, ribbons and trims for £10




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