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Healthy, Happy Holidays!

Healthy Happy Holidays!

Healthy, Happy Holidays!

It’s a cliché but it’s true – a third of Brits end up poorly when they go abroad. One Brit who is meticulously careful about her travel health is The Queen – it just wouldn’t do if she fell ill and had to miss a Royal Banquet with a gippy tummy. Her top tips for avoiding holiday tummy were: never eat salads, shellfish or watermelon.  Here’s a few more to keep healthy on holiday.

1. Get used to the local food slowly. It’s good to try new things and the Brits who go abroad and want chips with everything are just embarrassing, but you don’t have to try everything at once.

2. Street food is a big part of some countries’ culture but be careful – if it’s been lazing in the sun all day it could be full of airborne germs and bugs.

4. Drink lots of water, bottled water, to avoid dehydration. It’s easy to drink the tap water just once when you’re in a hurry but really, just don’t…

5. You really do need to use sun cream, of an appropriately-high factor. Being a deep shade of blushing lobster is not only sore, you look stupid, and people will laugh at you.

6. Only mad dogs and tourists go out the midday sun, so avoid it, even if you’re English.

7. Mosquitos can do more than make you itch and swear if you’re in an area that has malaria. Check before you go and take the pills.

8. If you must give in to the temptation of a holiday romance, take precautions. We don’t have to tell you that…do we?

9. Standards of driving and road etiquette differ wildly across the world, so watch out and be extra vigilant as in some cultures pedestrian-baiting is a bit of a national sport!

10. Before you go, boost your immune system by taking loads of vitamins so you’re less likely to catch something.

11.  Keep healthy on your flight, especially if it’s long-haul, by doing regular stretching exercises and standing up whenever you can. They look a bit daft as do compression socks, but DVT isn’t a picnic either…

12. Always wash your hands after going to the toilet, before handling food and before eating. Hopefully that’s standard practice when you’re at home anyway.

13. Wear comfortable clothing on the plane. You really don’t want to be in skin-tight jeans and stiletto heels when you’re on a long flight. And always wear shoes you can slip off as soon as you sit down!

14. Check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s travel health advice, especially if you’re off somewhere exotic.


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