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Exercise for an easier pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy


Exercise for an easier pregnancy
– by Carly Humphreys-Surry

In the past, expectant mothers were often put off doing any physical activity during pregnancy, but these days the guidance has changed.  Alongside a growing body of scientific research, anecdotal reports by many active pregnant women indicate that an appropriate programme of exercise is not only safe during pregnancy, but can also be beneficial too. One study even found that exercising women had an active labour which was 30% shorter than non-exercising women. (University of Iowa College of Medicine)

Subject to screening of the individual & assuming there are no special conditions to consider, the benefits of Pre-Natal exercise include;

•    PREVENTION / REDUCTION of back pain, leg cramps, nausea, excessive weight gain, fatigue, varicose veins, hypertension, depression, muscle imbalances, gestational diabetes & diastasis recti.

•    INCREASED / IMPROVED posture, strength, cardio vascular fitness, energy levels, circulation, relaxation, mental wellbeing, core strength & recovery time (post birth.)

There are obviously risks & considerations with every trimester, as the baby develops & the woman’s body changes to accommodate the pregnancy. That is why it is important that expectant mums look for a fitness professional / personal trainer who specialises in this area as they will be able to tailor a specific
programme for every step of the gestation period, including Post-Natal exercise.

Inspired by Carly will be offering Pre & Post-Natal 1-to-1 exercise sessions from January 2013. Register your interest via my Contacts Form via my website below.

Carly (Personal Trainer – Inspired by Carly)
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