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Become a Winter Warrior

Become a Winter Warrior

Become a Winter Warrior

Become a Winter Warrior
– By Idit Shweitzer Ginsberg and Ronit Gerber

Winter is on its way but it hasn’t even arrived yet and so many people have already started feeling run down and low on energy – a clear indication that their immune systems are not functioning at their best which makes them far more susceptible to catching sore thoughts, colds and other bugs.

So, what can be done to boost our energy levels and improve our immune system that doesn’t involve jabs, meds and visits to the doctor?

The first step to staying healthy this winter is to reframe how you see winter – you need to embrace it! Banish the dread that comes when thinking about the grey, dark winter days and instead try and see the wonder of winter; the sparkle of icy dew on the leaves, the stunning cobwebs frozen like nets on hedges, the crisp air. Setting the scene for winter can help too, getting your fire place and snugly blanket ready and making plans to chill-out with friends ensures you have something to look forward to. By making this mental shift you will help your body gear-up towards winter rather than shut down and give up.

The next step to cold-proofing for winter is to give your immune system an extra boost as it prepares to deal with the extreme changes in temperature and other winter factors. There is so much you can do to enhance your body’s immunity but diet, exercise and immune boosting treatments are the top areas to focus on.

1) Eating energy boosting food and including super foods like pomegranate, blueberries and coriander in your diet will give your body the nourishment it needs to fight fit. Replacing coffee with green teas and maintaining your water intake will ensure you body flushes out unwanted toxins and taking supplements to increase your vitamin D intake will give your body the ‘summer’ vitamins it needs if you are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

2) Exercise is another key ingredient to stimulate your feel good hormones (endorphins and adrenaline) and will help you feel more energised and positive. If exercise isn’t your thing try the “Couch to 5k challenge” which gives you a gentle introduction to getting your body moving.  Start off with a minute of exercise a day and gradually build it up.

3) Complementary Therapies are the perfect way to stimulate your immune system and, what’s more, they help you relax and distress and provide a host of other benefits too. Treating yourself to a full body massage will encourage better circulation, relax your muscles and ease any winter aches and pains you might be feeling. Reflexology is an excellent way to boost your immunity as it restores your body’s natural ability to fight infection and eliminate toxins. Osteopathy can improve nerve transmissions and enhance immunity by loosening congestion of lymph nodes and increasing the movement of the body’s natural antibodies. Acupuncture offers a tailor-made treatment for winter – Seasonal Adjustment Acupuncture – which is an effective preventative treatment if you are prone to colds, depression and body aches as the seasons change. The list is endless, magnetic therapy, homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Buyteko Breathing… there are so many options.

To tap into a range of health and wellbeing products, services, talks and workshops or to try some new exercise classes and experience these treatments for yourself you might want to visit The Gateway2Wellbeing exhibition which is taking place on Sunday, 18th November at The Holiday Inn Elstree. This show has been created to offer you an opportunity to speak to professionals and try out new things to discover what works best for you.

With a positive mind set and taking action to boost your body this winter you will be well and truly cold-proofed and ready to triumph and get through the winter blues.


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