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Decluttering your life – Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Decluttering your life– Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Decluttering your life
– Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Are you thinking about de-cluttering? We’re coming into spring again and it’s the natural time to reassess our surroundings – and that
includes our mind!

The cluttering of our physical world is nearly always a reflection of a cluttered mind. This can include many things general stress, worries about work, our children, our relationship, finances, our health and anything else that occupies us emotionally and mentally. This often leads to a sense of overwhelm or time not feeling there is enough time to manage things. So we then tend to leave things unfinished and the clutter starts to build.

Here are five practical tips to help you de-clutter your mind and your home:

Mentally Decluttering Your Mind and Home

1.    On a weekly basis you MUST take time to clear all the information and to-do lists from your head to paper (or a computer). Research has shown that your mind cannot fully focus on something if it has other distractions even sitting at a subconscious level. I recommend taking 30 minutes every Sunday evening to list on paper ideas, to-do’s, post-it notes – anything into one place. This will create a sense of relief and allow you to start to process and organize what has been floating around in your mind.

2.    Have one main project for each year that inspires you. Something that you can work on so that each day, even just doing a small amount on it, you get motivated alongside some of the more mundane things. It could be writing a book, painting, working with a charity or starting a part time business – anything that inspires you. This will help you wake up each day with more purpose.

3.    Choose THREE key “things” you want to get done each day that are a MUST. At least one of thee must include a activity that is linked to you major one year purpose. Look to tackle these three things early in the day so that you have a sense of achievement and create momentum. As learn to say NO to things that are not on your immediate list of important activities.

4.    As things come up in the week that are less important simply write them in a journal or on scraps of paper or on your phone and at the end o f the week (Step 1), “download them mentally” to paper for review.

5.    Once a quarter – do a physical de-clutter bringing everything into one place like a box or bin bag. I mean everything that is lying around the house. Then sort it and assign an action against each one.


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