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New Job, New Challenge?

Local Co-operative Society, Chelmsford Star is currently on its annual recruitment drive to fill vacancies within its governance structure.

Now in its 146th Year with an annual turnover in excess of £90m, the society is one of   Mid- Essex’s biggest employers, with a
workforce of over 800.

The strategy and way forward for this ambitious organisation is determined by a non executive board of 10 Directors, all of whom are voted into their position by the membership.

These Directors come from a variety of background; some are employed in commerce, industry or the commerce sector, whilst others are now retired. However, they all have two things in common – a belief in Co-operative Principles and a desire to work together for the benefit of all Members and the community.

They meet monthly in the evening with the Chief Executive Officer, whose role is to guide and advise the Directors before implementing agreed policies. All Directors give at least three hours a week to their position and receive regular training.

If you have enthusiasm and experience in matters that could benefit other members, customers or the communities in which it serves then you may be just what the Society is currently looking for. For those that may wish to be involved at a slightly lower tier initially, there are elected places available on both the Membership Committee and Members’ Council.

So, if you need a fresh challenge, believe in the ethics of the Co-operative and are people minded this could be a rewarding option.  Why not find out more by contacting the Society for more details or reserve a place at the ‘Meet the Directors’ evening on Tuesday 26th February in the ‘quadrant’ department store, Chelmsford. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Simply ring Rita Knott on 01245 216914 or visit our website
for more details.


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