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Why good graphic design is so critical for businesses


Why good graphic design is so critical for

Graphic design may not be the first thing that businesses think about but graphics are a major part of all businesses.  From the website to the company letterhead, graphic design is very much part of the business process, so much so that many major companies keep graphic design services on a contract basis to cover their basic needs for materials for their online and hard copy publications.

The role of graphics in business

In advertising and marketing, visual presence is one of the core elements of product presentation and public image of a product or a business. The graphics are quite literally the public face of the business.

The development of online business and the rise of new media have added a few more dimensions. A simple PowerPoint presentation, for example, generates a lot of visual information, and that information needs to
be very well presented to have an impact. The same applies to videos, now used by practically all businesses online and elsewhere.

The conventional market role of graphics is simply presentation, but there’s another extremely important factor – competition. Some graphics are better than others, and in the marketplace, graphic design often affects choices made at point of sale, which means that the standards of production of everything from commercials to basic logos are constantly being raised to meet higher expectations.
Graphics in digital media

Digital media and new technology have done a lot to enhance and develop new graphics options, too. What were once very expensive visual effects are now standard, and there are more options becoming available every day. The big Adobe Creative Suite packages are a good indicator of the level of demand for a vast range of digital graphic options from professionals in all forms of visual and graphic media.

The borderline between graphics and other media has been eliminated, and new media is really just a hybrid of different media, with graphics as part of the package. Quite literally everything related to modern business
nvolves graphics and graphic design issues,
at some level.

Graphic design best practice for businesses

There are two basic options open to businesses regarding graphic design:

1. Engage the services of a graphic design company to streamline the production of visual content. This is a cost-efficiency exercise as well as administrative best practice, keeping the expertise of the graphic design company available to deal with any needs for new media, publications, etc. on standby.

2. Get good graphic design through an advertising agency or marketing consultancy. This is a default quality control, ensuring  professional standards of graphics work are available for promotions, literature, etc. on a needs basis.

Graphic design is now very much part of the business mix. It’s important to ensure high standards of presentation and professional quality materials are standardized, and that production of new materials can be done cost-effectively. Quality and talent are the core elements of business graphics, so lock in a good provider for your business.

Agency founder and creative director Graham Conway cut his teeth with large London ad agencies, designing campaigns for even larger blue chip brands. As senior graphic designer he worked on accounts such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Fosters, JP Morgan, Volkswagen and Virgin, building up both an impressive portfolio of work and a heaving contact book of top-notch creative professionals. He noted that many were freelance, and most chose to live outside London. With encouragement from clients, and drawing on those two factors, he branched out on his own in 2008 winning a contract with Telecom giant BT and many others along the way.

DesignG London is boutique in size but  full-service by nature. In a digital age where no-one can possibly specialise in everything, we have the experience, skills and connections to match the right person to each job. We work with developers, copywriters, printers and fulfilment houses. Regardless of the brief we put you, and your design and communications objectives, first.

Phone +44 (0) 1245 333300
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SS


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